Dear customers, we are pleased to welcome you to the vastness of our online food supermarket FoodHome.

The trademark of online supermarket is owned by Alco Market Riviera LLP, founded in 2017. We started our activities with the opening of the Suitcase restaurant in the Riviera Park Residence, which was equipped with the latest technology and invited the best chef in Atyrau. In 2018, we decided to expand our own activities and deliver ready meals to offices for employees of various companies. Thus, since 2018, we have been supplying ready-made meals for employees of the offices of North Caspian Operating Company, which is the operator of the largest oil and gas field in Kazakhstan, Kashagan.

A little later in the same year, we bought high-class and expensive Italian equipment and began to prepare real Italian pizza under the brand name “Suitcase pizza.”

Next, we opened our own supermarket in the same residential complex, and for a short period of time we were able to establish business relations with large local and foreign food producers.

Moving in step with the times and realizing the value of our customers’ time, we decided to open the first FoodHome online supermarket in Atyrau with the ability to deliver food and other household goods to your home or office.

At the moment, we are a large company that owns an online supermarket and has a single center in its network that regulates all the activities of the store, from timely processing and delivery of orders to our customers and ending with replenishment of our own warehouse with the necessary stock of goods and constant expansion assortment of our online supermarket.


  • real and competitive prices;
  • wide range of products;
  • quality product descriptions and images;
  • search for products in the store;
  • feedback system;
  • selling only original products;
  • purchase of goods without leaving your home or office;
  • quick order processing and delivery to your home or office;

We are always happy to communicate with our customers. If you have any wishes, suggestions, comments regarding the work of our online supermarket – write to us, and we will be grateful to take your opinion into account. Our details and contact details are presented below:


Company: Alco Market Riviera LLP
BIN: 170 640 013 581
Fact. Address: Atyrau city, m. Sary-Arka, house 39, office 2
IIC: KZ336010141000361986
Bank: Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC


The procedure for purchasing a product in our online store is very simple and consists of several steps.

1. Checkout

After selecting the product, click the Add to Cart button – the product will be added to your cart.

Next, if you have finished selecting the product, click the button on your basket.

On your cart page, all products you have selected will be listed.

In the Quantity field, you can change the quantity of goods to purchase. After changing the quantity of the goods, click the Recalculate button to recalculate the total order amount.

In the column Actions for each product, you can perform the following actions: either remove the product from the basket, or postpone the product to the future as a favorite.

You can also enter the discount code in the appropriate field.

2. Notification and order confirmation

After entering the necessary information on the delivery of goods (full name of the recipient, delivery address, contact details, delivery option, payment method, etc.), you need to click the Checkout button to place an order.

A copy of the order will be sent to your e-mail specified at checkout.

Attention! Incorrect phone number, inaccurate or incomplete address can lead to an additional delay! Please carefully check your personal data when registering and placing an order.

Some time later (usually within an hour) after the purchase is made, our manager will contact you with the contact information provided at checkout. It will be possible to agree on the exact time and delivery time with the manager, as well as clarify details.

Note: For regular customers there is a registration on the store’s website. In your account you can view the contents of the basket, the history of your orders, as well as repeat or refuse the order, subscribe to the store newsletter.

3. Payment and prices

The prices indicated on the website are final and do not require additional payments under standard conditions of delivery. All taxes are included in the price of the product.

Attention! For each individual order, only one payment method of your choice is possible. Payment of the order in parts in various ways is not possible.

Possible payment methods:

  • Cash settlement.
    Payment is made in cash to the courier upon delivery of the order.
  • Payment by card.
    Payment is made by card through the POS payment terminal of the courier upon delivery of the order.

FoodHome Online Supermarket delivers orders only in Atyrau .

Courier delivery cost

Shipping cost is free provided that the total cost of the order is equal to or exceeds 3000 tenge. Otherwise, if the total cost of the order is less than 3000 tenge, the system will automatically add a delivery cost of 500 tenge

Delivery time

Delivery time is agreed with the manager of our online supermarket, who will contact you immediately after you place your order.

ATTENTION! Incorrectly indicated phone number, inaccurate or incomplete address can lead to an additional delay! Please carefully check your personal data when registering and placing an order. The confidentiality of your registration data is guaranteed.

Delivery is carried out daily from 10:00 to 19:00 hours in Atyrau time. Delivery time depends on the time of placing the order and the availability of goods in stock:

  • if the order is confirmed by our manager before 15:00, the order can be delivered on the same day;
  • if the order is confirmed by our manager after 15:00, the order can be delivered the next day.

You can also indicate any other convenient delivery time in a note when placing an order, and the order will be delivered at a convenient time for you. Other delivery times are determined by agreement with the client.

Delivery location

Delivery is carried out at the address indicated at checkout. If you need to deliver the goods to a different address, you must provide the address to our manager, who will contact you immediately after placing the order on the site.

Delivery service : +7 (7122) 58-68-90 (speak Russian), +7 (7122) 58-68-91 (speak Russian and English).


Public offer for the sale of goods of the Internet supermarket “FoodHome”

  1. Terms and definitions

1.1 In this public offer, the following terms have the following meanings:

The seller is the copyright holder of the online store, Alco Market Riviera LLP (BIN: 170 640 013 581, IIC: KZ336010141000361986, Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, BIC: HSBKKZKX).

Buyer – any individual who intends to make a purchase and / or made a purchase of goods (s) in the online store.

Online store – the seller’s official online store located at the internet address Within the framework of this offer, the concepts of an online store and a store, as well as the Internet address and derivatives from are equivalent.

Product – products presented in the online store.


  1. General provisions

2.1 This public offer (hereinafter referred to as the contract) is an official offer of the seller to any individual who has legal capacity and the necessary authority to conclude a contract for the sale of goods with the seller on the conditions specified in this contract, and contains all the essential conditions for the sale and purchase of a remote method through the online store.

2.2 This agreement governs the relationship between the Seller and the Buyer and takes precedence over other documents published in the online store.


  1. Subject

3.1 The Seller transfers, and the Buyer accepts and pays for the goods on the terms of this agreement.

3.2 The ownership of the ordered goods passes to the buyer from the moment the goods are actually transferred to the buyer and the buyer pays the full cost of the goods and the full cost of their delivery.


  1. The moment of conclusion

4.1 The moment of conclusion of the contract is the execution by the buyer of the order of the goods in the online store under the terms of this contract.

4.2 The ordering of goods is carried out in accordance with the description in the section “How to buy”.

4.3 From the moment of conclusion of the contract, the buyer agrees that any data specified by the buyer in the online store:

4.3.1 provided to them voluntarily;

4.3.2 transferred to the seller for the implementation of the objectives specified in this agreement, and may be transferred to third parties for the implementation of the objectives specified in this agreement;

4.3.3 can be used by the seller for the purpose of promoting goods by making direct contacts with the buyer using communication channels, including for the purpose of sending advertising and information from the seller and / or his partners to the buyer.

4.4 The fact that the buyer places an order for goods in the online store is an unconditional fact of acceptance by the buyer of the terms of this agreement.


  1. Cost

5.1 The total cost of an order consists of the value of the product (s) and the cost of shipping this product (s) ordered by the buyer in the online store.

5.2 The cost of goods is indicated in tenge on the pages of the online store and is determined by the seller unilaterally.

5.3 The final cost of the goods is determined by the sequential deduction from the cost of the goods of the promotional discount, discount on the promotional code and other discounts.


  1. Rights and obligations

6.1 The Seller undertakes:

6.1.1 From the moment of the conclusion of this agreement, to fully ensure all obligations to the buyer in accordance with the terms of this agreement, except for cases arising from force majeure, specified in section 9 of this agreement.

6.1.2 Stop processing or ensure the termination of such processing of the buyer’s personal data within thirty calendar days from the date of receipt of the buyer’s written request to stop processing his personal data.

6.2 The seller has the right:

6.2.1 Change this agreement, the cost of the product (s) and tariffs for related services, methods and terms of payment and delivery, terms of promotions and discounts unilaterally, by placing them on the pages of the online store. All changes take effect immediately after their publication and are considered brought to the attention of the buyer from the moment of such publication.

6.2.2 Transfer your rights and obligations to perform the contract to third parties without the consent of the buyer.

6.2.3 Use “cookies” technology when providing the buyer with access to the online store. “Cookies” do not contain confidential information and are not transferred to third parties.

6.2.4 Send advertising and information messages to the buyer using communication channels, the frequency of mailings of which is determined by the seller independently and unilaterally.

6.2.5 If the ordered goods are not in stock, cancel the goods out of stock from the buyer’s order and notify the buyer about it. The prepayment for the canceled item and its delivery is returned to the buyer in full.

6.2.6 Use customer reviews on third-party resources.


6.3 The Buyer undertakes:

6.3.1 Before the conclusion of the contract, familiarize yourself with the content and terms of this contract, the cost of goods and related services, as well as other information posted in the online store.

6.3.2 Register in the online store before placing your first order. Each customer can have only 1 (one) personal account.

6.3.3 Provide reliable and up-to-date information about yourself. The seller is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the buyer when registering in the online store.

6.3.4 Maintain the confidentiality of your login. The seller is not responsible for the use of the buyer’s login and password by third parties under any circumstances.

6.3.5 Pay for the ordered goods and their delivery under the terms of this agreement.

6.3.6 Submit the buyer’s identity document to the person delivering the ordered goods.

6.4 The Buyer has the right:

6.4.1 Require the seller to stop processing his personal data by notifying him in writing of this.

6.4.2 Pay for the order in any way selected in the online store. The methods of payment for the order are indicated in the “How to buy” section of the online store, are legal and unconditional. For other payment methods not listed in the online store, the seller is not responsible. The risk and consequences for using payment methods other than those specified in the online store are fully borne by the buyer.

6.4.3 If you have any questions about the characteristics and properties of the product (s), contact the seller.


  1. Delivery

7.1 Delivery of orders is carried out in the territory determined by the seller.

7.2 The seller will make every effort to comply with the delivery times indicated in the online store, however, delays in delivery are possible due to unforeseen circumstances. The seller does not bear any responsibility to the buyer in the event of a delay in the delivery of the order that arose through no fault of the Seller.

7.3 From the moment the goods are actually handed over to the buyer, the risk of accidental loss or damage to the goods passes to the buyer.

7.4 The delivery of the product (s) is carried out directly to the buyer who made this order.


  1. Return of goods

8.1 The Buyer has the right to refuse the ordered goods within 14 calendar days from the date of its receipt.

8.2 The return of a good quality product is possible if it was not in use, its presentation (packaging, seals, labels), consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified product (sales or cash receipt) have been preserved.

8.3 If clause 8.2 is satisfied, the seller refunds the full value of the goods within 10 working days from the date of receipt (return) of the goods from the buyer.

8.4 To process the return of goods of good quality (including due to their exchange), the buyer undertakes to carefully pack the goods and independently, using the services of courier and postal services with delivery “to the door”, send the returned goods to the address specified in the section “About the store” online store by notifying the seller in advance by e-mail. The Buyer is responsible for the packaging and safety of the shipped goods. Together with the goods and accompanying documents, you must also attach a copy of the identity document of the buyer.




  1. Force majeure

9.1 The parties are exempt from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under this agreement, if such failure is a consequence of force majeure circumstances, namely: floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, military and other military, terrorist acts, and legislatively imposed prohibitive measures, which were not known in advance, if these circumstances directly influenced the execution of this agreement.

9.2 A party referring to force majeure is obliged to notify the other party in writing within two days of the beginning and end of force majeure circumstances that prevent the fulfillment of obligations under this agreement, and to provide evidence of their action. After receiving such a notice, the parties are obliged to immediately decide on the procedure for working to eliminate the problem in order to ensure the continuation of this agreement.


  1. Other conditions

10.1 The seller is not liable for damage caused to the buyer as a result of improper use of the product (s) ordered in the online store.

10.2 All disputes related to non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations under this agreement, the parties will try to resolve during negotiations.

10.3 If no agreement is reached during the negotiations, disputes will be resolved in court.

10.4 FOODHOME does not sell or deliver alcohol at night;

10.5 does not sell or deliver alcohol to minors;

10.6 does not carry out distance selling;

10.7 delivery of alcohol to individuals is carried out in accordance with the Law and does not apply to distance selling